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Anthracology, ethnoarchaeology, prehistory and protohistory, Mediterranean, Mediterranean islands

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Post-doctorant (2013 Programme Fernand Braudel, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme ; 2015-2017 Programme Beatriu de Pinós du Gouvernement Catalan)

Principales fonctions
Archéobotaniste, anthracologue

Thèmes de recherche
My research focuses on the society-environments relations, specially focusing on trees and woody vegetation. From an archaeobotanical perspective, I have approached landscape dynamics and socio-environmental processes in Prehistoric and Protohistoric societies in the Mediterranean basin through the analysis of wood and charcoal assemblages from archaeological sites. My research focuses specially in island environments, such as the Balearic Islands, Sicily and Crete. I also work on coastal sites in Catalonia and mainland Greece. In these contexts, I study from a longe durée perspective both landscape and vegetation dynamics and the role of trees and forests in pasts cultures. I combine the study of everyday landscape practices, such as firewood procurement and consumption, with broader social and cultural aspects, such as monumentality, material culture, ritualized practices, cultural landscapes and the creation of a sense of place.
I combine this archaeobotanical work with ethnoarchaeological studies of people and vegetation relations in Africa in order to critically discuss the theoretical and methodological tools and approaches developed in environmental archaeology. Studying current scenarios of people – trees relations I intend to i) provide ethnographic information about different socio-environmental situations in the present in order to present a better understanding of the diversity and complexity of the material relations between humans and the environment/vegetation ; ii) and to test the interpretative tools and theoretical approaches to these issues in past societies that the archaeologist draw from the present in order to contribute to the building of more critical and less ethnocentric archaeological narratives of the nature and culture interactions. I have developed my ethnoarchaeological work in mainland populations of Equatorial Guinea and Northern Ghana and in the island of Corisco (Equatorial Guinea), in this case combined with historical archaeology.
Arising from this perspective, I am currently working in the application of new research tools and techniques to the anthracological record (archaeological charcoal analysis) in order to provide a better interrogation of the archaeobotanical archives in relation to past vegetation dynamics and socio-environmental processes. I am applying dendroanthracological and quantitative eco-anatomy techniques to charcoal assemblages from Prehistoric and Protohistoric Balearic Islands (Western Mediterranean) in order to interrogate palaeoenvironmental trends and wood and forest resources management.

Travaux en cours
ANR Dendrac

« Introducción a la arqueobotánica », 3 ECTS, CEPOAT Universidad de Murcia (Espagne) (online teaching)

2006 - BA History, Université de Barcelone (Espagne)
2008 – DEA Archéologie et préhistoire, Université de Barcelone (Espagne)
2012 – PhD Université de Barcelone (Espagne)

2007 – 2011 PhD researcher : Deparment of Prehistory, Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Barcelona
2013 – Fernand Braudel postdoctoral fellow (Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Home), UMR7209 MNHN-CNRS-Sorbonne Universités
2013 – 2015 Postdoctoral researcher (CAIB Program), ArqueoUIB, Univesity of the Balearic Islands
2015- 2017 Postdoctoral fellow (Beatriu de Pinós Program), UMR7209 MNHN-CNRS-Sorbonne Universités

Principales publications
- Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Manuel Calvo Trias ; Jaume Garcia Rosselló ; Gabriel Servera Vives ; Giovanna Bossi ; Jordi Nadal Lorenzo ; Santiago Riera Mora ; Ethel Allué Martí. Towards an archaeology of the social meanings of the environment : plants and animals at the Son Ferrer prehistoric ceremonial and funerary staggered turriform (Mallorca, Balearic Islands). In A. Livarda, R. Madgwick and S. Riera (eds). Bioarchaeology of ritual and religion. London (United Kingdom) : Oxbow Books, forthcoming 2017.
- Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Ethel Allué Martí ; Mari-Agnès Courty. An Archaeology of fuels : social and environmental factors in behavioural strategies of multi-resource management. Quaternary International, online first 2016.
- Llorenc Picornell Gelabert ; Gabriel Servera Vives. Landscape practices and the everyday life in domestic spaces in Bronze Age Mallorca (Balearic Islands) : perspectives for an archaeology of fuel and firewood. Quaternary International. online first 2016
- Ethel Allué Martí ; Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Joan Daura ; Montserrat Sanz. Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and anthropogenic activity based on the Upper Pleistocene / Holocene anthracological record of NE Iberian Peninsula (Barcelona, Spain). Quaternary International. Online first 2016.
- Frencesc Burjachs ; Ramón Pérez Obiol ; Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Jordi Ravelles ; Gabriel Servera Vives ; Isabel Expósito ; Errikarta-Imanol Yll. Overview of environmental changes and human colonization in the Balearic Islands (Western Mediterranean) and their impacts on vegetation composition during the Holocene. Journal of Archaeological Science : Reports. Online first 2016.
- Alison Crowther ; Leilani Lucas ; Richard Helm ; Mark Horton ; Ceri Shipton ; Henry T. Wright ; Sarah Walshaw ; Matthew Pawlowicz ; Chantal Radimilahy ; Katerina Douka ; Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Dorian Q. Fuller ; Nicole L. Boivin. Ancient crops provide first archaeological signature of the westward Austronesian expansion. PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 113 - 24, pp. 6635 – 6640, 2016
- Alfredo González Ruibal ; Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Manuel Sánchez Elipe. Colonial Encounters in Spanish Equatorial Africa (Eighteenth–Twentieth Centuries). In S. Montón-Subías, M.C. Berrocal and A. Ruiz Martínez (eds.) Archaeologies of Early Modern Spanish Colonialism. pp. 175 - 202. New York (United States of America) : Springer, 2016.
- Alex Solé Raventós ; Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Ethel Allué Martí ; Josep Maria Fullola Pericot ; Manuel Calvo Trias. How did dead turn up to the burial ? A technological and experimental approach to the late Bronze Age wooden stretchers from Cova des Pas (Minorca, Balearic Islands). Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. Online first 2015.
- Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Eleni Asouti ; Ethel Allué Martí. The ethnoarchaeology of firewood management in the Fang villages of Equatorial Guinea, central Africa : implications for the interpretation of wood fuel remains from archaeological sites. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. 30 - 1, pp. 375 - 384. 2011.
- Alfredo González Ruibal ; Llorenç Picornell Gelabert ; Alba Valenciano Mañé. Early Iron Age Burials from Equatorial Guinea : the Sites of Mandji Island. Journal of African Archaeology. 11 - 1, pp. 41 - 66. 2011.

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Secrétaire de l’Associació Catalana de BioArqueologia

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